Vacuum Metallized Papers



1. Excellent printability

NONG BAO & JLM LI MEI Metallized Paper has excellent lay flat characteristic and printability, can be printed in any normal printing process as following. Flexography printing、Offset printing、Gravure printing、Letterpress printing and Screen printing for designed printing. 


2. Various embossed pattern

Linen、Pinhead、Satin、Brush、Diagonal and Plain.


3. Various properties for application

For Beel labels、Wine labels、labels of soft drinks、commodities 、canned foods and facestock for self-adhesive labels.


4. Ink retention properties

One of the remarkable characteristic of our Type WPS is extremely high INK RETENTION during the wash off process in the caustic soda, enabling lower cleaning conditions to be used.


Metallized papers for wet labeling 

JIU LI MEI achieves special wet and leach resistant papers into high gloss label papers with universal printability during the course of several operation. These are for kinds of requirements such as further processing and labeling of non-returnable and returnable bottles using proven high wet, alkali and leach resistant special label papers. Paper printing is possible in any normal printing process.  All products have excellent lay flat characteristics.  One of the remarkable features of our type WPS is extremely high INK RETENTION during the wash off process in the caustic soda, enabling lower cleaning conditions to be used.

NONG BAO & JLM LI MEI Metallized Paper with wood-free, high wet strength and alkali resistance is special for beer labels, which Surface primer is coated with water-based lacquers. The application enables the beer labels to generate Fast penetration and wash off properties. It shows remarkable results especially inreturnable bottle application.


NONG BAO & JLM LI MEI Metallized Paper is not only for beer labels but also for wines, soft drinks, even for general merchandise labels.

Standard Specification

Available weight (Unit:gsm) : 68, 71, 73, 83, 85, 90, 93

Available packaging size: 

For Reel:Min R/W 175mm;Max R/W 1620mm.

For Sheet:Min Sheet Size:500mm x 600mm L.G.;Max Sheet Size:1000mm x 1200mm L.G.




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