For Glitter Powder Material


1. Numerous colors selection

Color coated layer surface has good resistance to solvent and abrasion.


2. Various applications

Glitter powder can be used for glitter glue, glitter tape, paper crafts , fashion, floral, greeting cards, ornaments, paint, paper, toys and handcraft application. 





NONG BAO & JLM LI MEI offering all kinds of PET films for produce glitter powder material

Glitter powders are made from a few kinds of precision-cut PET film particles which including iridescent film particles, metallized film particles, holographic film particles, pure sliver film particles, extra clear film particles. Materials used will give each glitter particle a reflective sparkle and shine.


  •  Application :

Crafts and Fashion

Floral Industry

Paint and Decoration

Printing and Ornaments

Texile and PU Leather


We offer a wide variety of choices available in materials ,thicknesses of material, functions. 

The further information of glitter powders are listed below:

1> Material : 

IF ⇒ Iridescent PET Film 

MF ⇒ Metallized PET Film

HF ⇒ Holographic PET Film

CF ⇒ Color PET Film (No Metallized) 

SF ⇒ Pure Sliver Metallized PET Film


2> Thickness of film (micron) :

12um ,16um ,23um ,38um ,50um , ....


3> Function : 

G ⇒ Standard grade ; epoxy coated particles offer water and solvent resistance.

S ⇒ Solvent Resistant ; Designed for applications requiring improved solvent resistance.

T ⇒ Water Resisitant ; Designed for applications requiring improved water resistance.

M ⇒ Designed for applications requiring improved adhesion with binder.




( In case besides the listed specification, please contact our salespersons for further information.)


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