For Holographic Embossing


1.Coated PET film for holography application

2. Metallized PET film for holography application

3. Metallized PET film for holography application of whole transfer. 

4. Metallized PET film for holography Security Labels


Coated PET film, Metallized PET Film are designed for Holographic embossing requiring excellent surface cleannees and flatness, print receptiveness properties. Surface for print specially for UV curing INK.


Standard Specification

Available Thickness(Unit:um) : 12,16, 23, 38, 50 micron.

Available Width :  Min R/W 600mm;Max R/W 1600mm.

Application: Holographic embossed film is used in various field of packaging, printing. NONG BAO Film with excellent print receptiveness following flexo, offset, gravure and so on, specially for UV curing Ink and Thermal-Transfer (barcode). Aluminium deposited barrier layer for water based glue lamination.




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