PET Release Liner Films


1. Wide variety of applications  

By careful selection of both substrate and silicone coating technology we are able to offer products for wide variety of applications. The release force of our release liner is tuned to fit most standard adhesives, but can be adjusted to customer needs over a wide range easy to tight release.


2. Minimized back side transfer 

Extremely high levels of curing of the silicone layer on the PET film minimized the issue of back side transfer.

NONG BAO & JIU LI MEI are dedicated to providing innovative solution to ensure customers are provides with the highest levels of product quality and customer service at the right price not only in the Taiwan but throughout the world. 


PET Release Liner are specially designed for use with clear film face materials in applications requiring excellent clarity, provides a smooth adhesive layer for uniform contact with the substrate being label. Good strength characteristics for high speed, high temperature and high tech applications such as electronic, medical, ultra clear label, die cutting and etc.These characteristics make film release liners highly popular in medical or laboratory use where objects are often exposed to varying degrees of temperature. 

They are commonly found in pressure sensitive labels and pressure sensitive adhesives. This is due to the increased tensile strength that all film release liners share which prevents tearing. Additionally, these materials used to manufacture film release liners also make them highly weather resistant to either extreme heat or cold.


Standard Specification

Available thickness(Unit:um) : 23 - 100

Release force grade: Permium Light (<8gf) / Medium Tight (46~65gf) / Extra Tight (101~150gf)

Special Request :

1> Coat on release surface or pet surface per custom color or matted surface.

2> Antistatic coating are suitable for pet surface and release film, single and double side.


3> Option for double side coating with different release force.


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