HTLT Metallized PET Film


1. Excellent structure

Metallizing side with primer coated for UV curing Hard Coating receptiveness ; color coated layer is for pressure-sensitive adhesive coating.


2. Excellent weather resistance

Fastness to light and weathering : Grade 5.

Data on resistance to weathering is determined in two-year weathering tests in southern Florida, assessment according to the gray scale, ISO 105-A02.


3. Low Visible Light Reflected - High Total Solar Enger Rejected.


4. Various grades material for Solar Control Film

Customized Solar Control Film per required TLT (Total Light Transmission) and Metallizing thickness.


5. Super finely dispersed solvent-based organic pigments consisting of high transparency

Designed for applications requiring maximum brilliance with excellent fastness properties and temperature resistance.




Semi-Metallized PET Film

Face stocks for solar control film which is one side chemically treated to offer excellent handle ability as well as good adhesion. The product lineup includes several grades with different Light-Transmission ratio, which are manufactured under high quality metallizing and coatings, designed for applications requiring maximum Total Solar Energy Rejected with excellent fastness properties, maximum Total Luminous transmission and temperature resistance.

Surface for UV Curing Hard Coating, Color coated layer for Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives Coating. 


Standard Specification

Max Width : 1600mm

Available Optical Density : 0.12OD ~ 0.63OD

Available Total Light Transmission (TLT)% : 76% ~ 21%

Available Thickness(Unit:um) :23, 25, 38, 50, 100

( In case besides the listed specification, please contact our salespersons for further information.)

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